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"FOLLOWING FILLMORE" Season 2- Episode 1- There's more than beer in Belgium

In episode one of season two, follow Chris across the pond to Mettet, Belgium for one of the premier supermoto races in the world. SuperBiker Mettet is a three-day event in which hundreds of racers qualify to compete with the invited StarBikers. The StarBikers include names like, Ben Bostrom, Micky Dymond, Jeff Ward, Troy Corser and of course, Fillmore himself. Follow along as Chris takes us through the race weekend, battling on the track, dealing with the ups and downs of racing, and enjoying time with new and old friends.

Supermofools: Ride all day, everyday!


Crashking(KTM 640) & BvdB(Husaberg 650) went out for a ride. And offcourse they crashed.

Spanish Supermoto round 1 at Villena

Check out the highlights of the first Spanish Supermoto round at Villena.

Supermoto Grand Prix of France

Grand Prix of France FIM World Championship and European Championship at the Grand Circuit du Roussillon in Rivesaltes. By Chris Carbonel Films.

SMGP of France 2014 - Rivesaltes 26min Broadcast

The first round of 2014 FIM SuperMoto World Championship that took place in Rivesaltes, France, is over. Don't miss the opportunity to watch the most spectacular images in this 26mn magazine.

Get a better feeling of Circuit du Roussillon with Thomas Chareyre, Adrien Chareye and GoPro, experience the real paddock life with TM Factory Racing team, watch the great battles for the lead in SM2 and S1 races!

PA SUMO Lifestyle - Kickin into High Gear with the KTM 500

PA SUMO Lifestyle. SV Media Films. 2014

Supermoto Zuid Holland - the biggest supermoto meeting ever [official aftermovie]

The worlds biggest supermoto meeting took place on April 13th in Poeldijk, the Netherlands.

An astonishing 203 Supermoto's gathered for a meeting to never forget. Check it out!

Check www.supermotozuidholland.nl and like us on facebook.com/supermotozuidholland.nl for more epic supermoto rides.

Broapaholics - The Biggest Supermoto Meeting of 2014 by SMZH [UnOfficial Aftermovie]

Check out the Broapaholics aftermovie of the Supermoto Mega Meeting [203 Riders] which was hosted by Supermoto Zuid-Holland.

Supermoto Central also makes an appearance in this video because we also had a little ride with them.


Supermofools: Wheelies suck!

Well wheelies do suck, because if you crash: it hurts. Oh and we choose it because we couldn't come up with a name.

http://fb.com/Supermofools | http://supermofools.com

Saison Start 2014 | Let's BRAAAPP that shit!

The winter is over and the crazy stuff gos into the next round. I will upload new videos and i hope you like it. Allways a good and safe ride in 2014 :)

Naughty Supermoto: Australian Supermoto Culture

Two Wheeled Fun

A good weekend with the hooligans.

Supermofools: Chestcam Madness! (KTM SM640 & Husqvarna Nuda R

Bike World visits the British Supermoto Championship

On this episode,  Suzy previews the 2014 British Supermoto season, chatting to all of the biggest stars and teams, and she can't resist having a go herself.

#FollowRedPlate - Supermoto Series 2014

Great promo for the 2014 Italian Supermoto Championship that starts this weekend at Pomposa.

German Supermoto Saarbrücken onboard with Deitenbach


The 2014 German Supermoto season starts in Saarbrücken with the First Pre-Race of 2014. In both races the winner was Jan Deitenbach on his JD Motorsports powered by Johannes-Bikes Suzuki. Check out the some highlights of the second Race.

British Supermoto Elite Warm-up race 2014

Here is full coverage of one of the warm-up races staged during the Norasport British Supermoto Pre-season test last weekend. It featured riders not usually part of the series, including Malachi Mitchell-Thomas, and the returning Matt Winstanley, who will be riding the series for the first time in a while.

Check out the video of race 2 here

Also read the Warm-up day report on the Norasport British Supermoto website


Supermofools: a Day's Out; Hooligan Style!

Going full hooligan in this one! All filmed on just 1 day, offroading, stairs, wheelies, stoppies... Just a regular day with the fools.

SMEC 2014 Teaser

2014 SMEC - Are you ready?

UP ON ONE Burn That Rubber

UP ON ONE Burn That Rubber. Let the 2014 season begin.