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TM Racing withdraws from World Supermoto in 2012

Because of the incident between Adrien (Aprilia) and Thomas (TM) Chareyre, the TM Racing Factory team decided not to participate in the 2012 World Supermoto Championship.

A protest was filed against Adrien Chareyre, but this was not accepted by Youthstream. Adrien Chareyre was not disqualified.

The team manager of TM Racing Alex Serafini commented: "On Sunday evening we have decided not to attend the 2012 World Cup, it is not acceptable for a pilot to land in the hospital because of an accident and nothing happens, the sport itself is dangerous enough, and.. We want our pilots to be safe."

Perhaps TM Racing finally found a good excuse to get out of the World Supermoto Championship after reducing the team to only one rider in 2011. Too bad for Thomas Chareyre who not only has the recover from his injury but also has to search for a new team for 2012.