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Husqvarna SMR690 Concept by Supermoto Central

What do you guys think about this concept we made? Hopefully we can expect something like this at the EICMA in Milan.

While we wait for the new Husqvarna Supermoto models check out the brand new Husqvarna website with the new 2014 MX and Enduro models.

New partner introduction: Vibram

Supermoto Central is pleased to announce a new partner: Vibram

Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles and compounds, targeted to the outdoor, work, recreation, fashion, repair and orthopedic markets.

Although Vibram was born from a deep passion for mountain climbing, the company has brought its expertise to various sports, including Supermoto and all the offroad motorbike disciplines. Their VSM Technology Supermoto soles are used by many pro Supermoto riders including World Champions Thomas Chareyre, Mauno Hermunen and European Champion Edgardo Borella.

VSM Technology is composed of the Vibram SuperMotard sole, made with an extremely abrasion resistant rubber compound, and interchangeable sliders that, according to the atmospheric conditions and need of the driver in terms of grip and sliding,  allow the adjustment of the boot.

The Vibram VSM sliders are available on many brands of boots or can be adapted to most of the boot types through resoling.

For more info about Vibram products go to www.vibram.com

Australian Supermoto Championship 2013 part #1

It was a huge weekend at the Australian Supermoto Championships in the Whitsundays. This was the result of three days shooting...more to come this is only part #1

Swiss Supermoto Frauenfeld 2013

Swiss Supermoto Championship Round 11 www.supermoto.ch

Join silvermedia on facebook: www.facebook.com/silvermedia.ch

Check out the silvermedia Website: www.silvermedia.ch

SMEC Final Freestyle Supermoto Shawano Wi USAIR

World is a playground (supermoto session)

17inchjunkies decided to do some serious stuff.....the result: crazy action and cool shots!

www.endlesspictures.de - www.facebook.com/pages/17inchJunkies

Swiss Supermoto Meet 2013

In July 2013, Cyrille and Nico hit the alpine roads again and went to the Swiss Supermoto Meet. We made friends with a bunch of great guys who proudly represent the Swiss supermoto scene: the Onezyl family. Together with their friends from the 4zyl fam (riding four-bangers), we had the time of our lives on the beautiful Swiss passes, enjoying perfect roads and mindblowing landscapes.

Props to these guys who welcomed us with open arms and make the supermoto scene a global community without borders. Onezyl rocks, see you next year!


Mauno Hermunen Supermoto World Champion 2013

Amazing video by Supermotomania.it Definately a must watch!

[LUC1] World Supermoto Championship - Final round - Rivesaltes

Over two days of brilliant sunshine, Team Luc1 Owatrol Honda concluded the 2013 World Championship with a great performance, returning to a track already raced earlier in the season. Sylvain Bidart achieved a second podium on this superb track. Here is a video summary of a very exciting weekend.


SMGP of France 2013 - 26min Broadcast

The last round of 2013 FIM SuperMoto World Championship that took place in Rivesaltes, France, is over. All the races are done, and two new champions were crowned at the end of this GP. Don't miss the opportunity to watch the most spectacular images in this 26min broadcast.

Get a better feeling of Circuit du Roussillon with Thomas Chareyre, Aurelien Grelier and GoPro, experience the real paddock life with Luc1 Owatrol Honda and team Blot, watch the great battles for the lead in ES2 and S1 races!