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Höllbacher and Wiedemann win at Harz-ring

Lukas Höllbacher was unbeatable at the Harz-ring (photo by Supermoto.de)

Lukas Höllbacher keeps a firm lead of the German S1 Championship after winning both races and the overall at the Harz-Ring last weekend. Nico Joannidis grabbed 2nd overall with a 2-3 score. Behind him followed Andre Plogmann(4-5), Hiemer and Rudi Bauer. Höllbacher has a firm hold on the S1 Championship with a 41 point lead over Plogmann.

In the S2 class there where some heated battles between Class and Kejmar. But Jens Wiedemann was the one who got away with the overall win after winning race 1 and scoring a 2nd in race 2. Class(2-3) finished 2nd overall followed by Kejmar who won race 2. Behind him followed Fuhrbach and Gaillard.

The fight for the S2 title is still very heated with Class having a small 5 point lead over Kejmar.

Full results

Race report at Supermoto.de (German)

2014 KTM SMR 450

KTM has released new info and photos of the new KTM SMR 450 2014 model. It looks like they just updated the graphics for the 2014 model year.

More details and photos at the KTM website

Derestricted also has a nice photo gallery of the new KTM SMR 450.

A Different View - SUPERMOTO SM | Pimpstarlife - Borås 21 Juli 2013

Valentino Rossi, Guy Martin und Thomas Chareyre at Rossi's Ranch

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Game of HYPE: Wheelie Challenge

[LUC1] World Supermoto Championship - Round 5 - Latina

2013 Stateline Supermoto Challenge

2013 Stateline Supermoto Challenge from John Sears on Vimeo.

SMGP of Latina 2013 - 26min TV Broadcast

The fifth round of FIM Supermoto World Championship that took place in Latina, Italy, at the International Circuit Il Sagittario is over and Supermoto riders take a long rest till September 15th, when the circus will move to Triscina, Sicily. Don't miss the opportunity to watch the most spectacular images in the 26mn magazine.
Get a better feeling of Il Sagittario Circuit with Giovanni Bussei, Andrea Occhini and GoPro, experience the real SMGP life with Team L30 Racing and SBD UnionBike Racing, watch the great battles for the lead in ES2 and S1 races!

This is Supermoto! by Supermofools