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Sturgis USA Pro Supermoto 2013 Street Race

SMGP of Sicily 2013 - 26min Broadcast - SuperMoto

After a long rest of two months, SuperMoto World Championship came back! The sixth round of FIM Supermoto World Championship that took place in Triscina, Sicily, is over and now only one round misses to the end of the season. Don't miss the opportunity to watch the most spectacular images in our 26mn magazine. Get a better feeling of Castelvetrano Circuit with Adrien Chareyre, Thierry Van Den Bosch and GoPro, have a look to the S1 Qualifying Session and discover who got the pole on sunday, watch the great battles for the lead in ES2 and S1 races!


Very nice promotional video by Ricci Moto an Italian Dealer and Supermoto team. https://www.facebook.com/pages/RICCI-MOTO

Max Fischer Pro Bike

#34 Max Fischer Pro-Bike Racing German Supermoto Rider.

Husaberg FS570 on Erzgebirgsring - Supermofools

Husaberg FS570 on Erzgebirgring in Germany. http://www.facebook.com/Supermofools

Supermoto Les 2 Roues 23 June 2013

French Yamaha dealer les 2 Roues celebrated their 30th anniversary with a Supermoto trackday. Legends like Stéphane Peterhansel, the Chambon brothers, the Demaria brothers, Gilles Salvador and Laurent Pidoux had a great day on their Yamaha YZF's.

Hermunen will ride for Bulgaria at the Supermoto of Nations

Finnish SHR Supermoto rider Mauno Hermunen will ride for team Bulgaria at the Supermoto of Nations. Yes you read that right. Bulgaria not Finland.

How is this possible you may ask? The rules state that you only compete in the team of the country which you are a citizen of. Well the Bulgarian Motorcycle federation took care of that. They arranged a Bulgarian passport for Hermunen so he can get some points for the Bulgarian team in exchange for a paycheck.

Apparently the Finnish motorcycle federation didn't want to pay anything extra but expenses to Hermunen for competing at the Supermoto of Nations.

But should they really? Isn't it enough to defend the honor of your country?

Source: Speedweek.com (English translation)

The end for HM Moto?

As a result of the European reorganization of Honda, the Japanese brand ends the importer contract for MX/Offroad models with HM Moto in Italy. HM Moto has been the importer for the Honda MX/Offroad model line for over 25 years.

In the future Honda will use their own organisation called Red Moto.

HM Moto is not only the importer of Honda MX/Offroad models in Italy, but also an important partner in developing these models. HM Moto also sells their 'own' models under the brand name HM, including the popular street-legal CRF450/500 Supermoto models.

Hopefully this is not the end of the street legal Honda CRF Supermoto's in Europe.

Pitsterpro Malaysia launches new LX450 Supermoto

Pitserpro is well known for their Pitbikes. In Malaysia they are expanding into the big bike market. Pitserpro Malaysia just launched the new street legal Pitsterpro LX450.

The LX450 has an aluminium frame and 47mm USD front suspension. The complete bikes weighs 120kg

The engine is a 449cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled, single cylinder which puts out 43.5hp at 7500rpm.

The LX450 is assembled in Malaysia(and only available there) and will cost RM20,900 (€4800/$6300). It's only available in black.

Click read more for the full specs.

Read more: Pitsterpro Malaysia launches new LX450 Supermoto

British Supermoto 450 Elite 2013: round 7 Teesside autodrome

Here is the full race coverage of round 7 of the British Supermoto 450 Elite championship from Teeside Autodrome.