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[LUC1] World Supermoto Championship - Round 5 - Latina

2013 Stateline Supermoto Challenge

2013 Stateline Supermoto Challenge from John Sears on Vimeo.

SMGP of Latina 2013 - 26min TV Broadcast

The fifth round of FIM Supermoto World Championship that took place in Latina, Italy, at the International Circuit Il Sagittario is over and Supermoto riders take a long rest till September 15th, when the circus will move to Triscina, Sicily. Don't miss the opportunity to watch the most spectacular images in the 26mn magazine.
Get a better feeling of Il Sagittario Circuit with Giovanni Bussei, Andrea Occhini and GoPro, experience the real SMGP life with Team L30 Racing and SBD UnionBike Racing, watch the great battles for the lead in ES2 and S1 races!

This is Supermoto! by Supermofools

X-Fest 2013 Mecaglisse

X-Fest 2013 Mecaglisse from 9LenS on Vimeo.

SMGP of Latina 2013 - S1 - SHR & 747 Motorsport

2nd Round Austrian Supermoto Championship presented by MOTO & STYLE

Luke Hollbacher took the overall victory in the S1 class at the 2nd round of the Austrian Supermoto Championship. 2nd overall was Bernd Hiemer followed by Rudi Bauer.
In the Sopen class Luke Hollbacher led the field, could easily lead, but unfortunately lost an exhaust muffler and thus the race was over for him. Manuel Hagleitner took the lead and was able to finish the race ahead of Bernd Hiemer who finished 2nd. Christian Ackerl finished 3rd.

Supermotard Les 2 Roues at Carole

Supermotard Les 2 Roues 2013 à Carole door moto-revue

TeamReport L30 Racing

[LUC1] World Supermoto Championship 2013 - Round 3 & 4 - Sosnova & Kuressaare