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[LUC1] French Supermoto 2013 - Round 1 - Rivesaltes

Pavel Kejmar leaves Assomotor Honda

Before the World Supermoto season has even started, German S1 Champion Pavel Kejmar has left the Honda Assomotor team for unknown reasons.

On the website of Speedweek he explains:

"In the last few months I got new ideas on how to continue my career. That is why we broke up."

If this is the complete story we will never know, Ivan Lazzarini also left the team last year because he was unsatisfied with the team and the development of the bike.

Read the full story at Speedweek(translated)

2012 Pro Supermoto Season - 530 - Cal Collins

Highlights from the 2012 USA Pro Supermoto racing season with #530 Cal Collins.

Spring training At Circuit Di Pomposa 2013

Spring training at Circuit Di Pomposa in eastern Italy with priergaardracing.dk and a few other Danish and Swedish riders. Action starts at 1:10.

Europeo Maxxis Supermotard 2002

Great video of the European Supermoto Championship back in 2002. Back when the main class was riding big +600cc monsters instead of the 450cc everybody is riding now. Love the battle between van den Bosch(3) on the KTM 660 and Boris Chambon(2) on the Husqvarna 630 at the end.

Thanks to Supermotomania.it for the video.

Aprilia SMXV 450 sneak peak

Fast Wheels Aprilia rider and Supermoto World Champion 2011 Adrien Chareyre posted this sneak peak photo of his 2013 Aprilia SMXV Factory. Details about this bike are a bit unclear, will Aprilia sell this as a race replica? Or is it just Adrien Chareyre's new 2013 livery and nothing more?

I wish Aprilia would make the SMXV street legal. I doubt they are selling many of them for MX but they are great for Supermoto. The strong twin motor is a bit much for MX but the power is great for riding Supermoto.

Everybody loves the SXV but the unreliability of the earlier models has hurt the SXV's reputation a lot. I believe there will be many riders interested in a reliable SMXV 450 for the street. Comment and discuss!

British Supermoto pre-season test at 3 Sisters

Here is a selection of highlights from the supermoto test session held at the 3 Sisters Raceway in the UK.

Scott Redding, Anthony Ford-Dunn, Mat Ford-Dunn, Supermoto 2013

The British Dunn brothers from the Supermotoland team took Moto2 star Scott Redding to the track for some Supermoto action. Love the knee down style.

Supermoto Masterclass Italy by Supermofools & Supermotoschool

MotoGeo First Ride Review - Ducati Hypermotard