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Danish Supermoto Championship 2013 round 1

Video from the 1st round of the 2013 Danish Supermoto Championship. The race was held at the Kart center in Vojens in the south of Denmark.

What will happen with Husqvarna in the Future?

There hasn't been a lot of news about the acquisition of Husqvarna by Pierer industries. But now there is. And it's not good.

Asphaltandrubber reports that Pierer Industries announced that the Husqvarna factory in Varese will be closed down until further notice. All 211 factory workers are being let go, only the marketing and sales departments are staying.

It appears that Husqvarna already has a big supply of bikes build for 2013. Maybe a bit too many if you think about the declining sales in the offroad sector.

Seems like BMW has left the company in worse shape than Pierer expected.

Pierer himself stated in an interview with Cycleworld that he wants Husqvarna to concentrate on new models for the coming years. A completely new range of bikes is being expected. A new 450/250 MX/Enduro bike and a new range of 125/250/300 two strokes.

He specificly mentions a return to Supermoto for Husqvarna including a big bore 650cc-690cc bike for the streets.

Sounds like a great plan to me, I hope Pierer knows what he is doing.

Aprilia Supermoto SXV 550 & MXV 450 | Action-Drifts-Wheelies

Swiss Supermoto Lignières 2013

Another great production of the first round of the Swiss Supermoto Championship by our favorite Swiss Videographer Silvermedia.ch

In Lignières Philippe Dupasquier held his ground with a 1-2 score and grabbed the overall win followed by youngster Marc-Reiner Schmidt(2-1).

The two Kawasaki riders Marcel Götz and Harry Näpflin secured ranks 3 and 4. Kevin Tschümperlin and Marcel Baumgartner followed closely.

Full results

Lazzarini and Vermeulen take pole in Capua

The first day of the 2013 World Supermoto Championship in Capua Italy was a rainy one. It rained so much the organization was forced to take out the offroad section to keep it intact for the races tomorrow.

In the S1 class Lazzarini took the pole position followed closely by Winstanley and Hermunen. Behind them followed Beltrami and Bartolini. It was a very close qualification with the top 10 within one second of eachother.

In the European Championship S2 class it was Dutchman Devon Vermeulen who took advantage of his rain riding skills and grabbed the pole in front of Fred Guerin and Toni Klem. SHR Supermoto riders Mitchell Thomas and Salstola completed the top five.

Click read more for more results

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Should Aprilia build a new street Supermoto?

At the first GP of the 2013 season at Capua team Fast Wheels Aprilia will present the new MXV 450 replica Chareyre.

A limited edition bike that will be available in two models. Great news that Aprilia is releasing a new customer race bike. But we think they should build street Supermoto's too.

The Aprilia SXV is one of the most iconic Supermoto bikes of all time. Sadly it is not in production anymore.

We think there are a lot of people that are interested a new redesigned Aprilia 450/550 Supermoto. Maybe based on the MXV 450 race bike?

Go vote in the poll or you can vote on the right side of the page and maybe we can convince Aprilia to build us a new Supermoto!

You can also join the discussion on Apriliaforum.com

Internazionali d'Italia - Viterbo 2013 - SHR Racing & 747 Motorsport

Supermotomania filmed the first round of the Italian Supermoto Championship last weekend in Viterbo.

Want to know the results? Check out the race report

Hermunen takes pole in Viterbo

Mauno Hermunen (TM-SHR), took the pole position with a time of 1'18 .086 during the first round of the Italian Supermoto Championship in Viterbo.

Second in the S1 qualifying session was Teo Monticelli (Honda) third place was for the world champion Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) in front of his brother Adrien (Aprilia Fast Wheels) and the Brit Matthew Winstanley (TM-SHR) who completed the top five.

Behind them followed the Bolognese cop Christian Ravaglia (Honda HM Assomotor), the Italian champion Ivan Lazzarini (Honda Racing-L30), Paulo Gaspardone (Honda-Yashica), Czech Petr Vorlicek (TM-SHR) and Fabrizio Bartolini (Honda HM Assomotor).

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Aprilia SMXV 450 Factory

The team manager of Team Fast Wheels just uploaded this photo of their new 2013 Aprilia SMXV450 Factory. Quite a beauty I must say.

Click read more for another photo.

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[RaW] Supermoto Racing - Rivesaltes 2013 - TM Racing

[RAW] Supermoto Racing is a new team from France which consists of brothers Steve & Eddy Pasco and Marion Desceliers.

They are riding with the brand new TM SMX 250's in the French S2 class. Marion is riding a KTM SXF250 in the new Female S2 class.