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Thomas Chareyre wins again at Ottobiano

Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Team ) won the third round of the Italian Supermoto Championship. The Frenchman has lead the race from start to finish in front of Ivan Lazzarini ( L30 Racing Honda ), Andrea Occhini (Suzuki Mabomotor Brt ), Christian Ravaglia ( Honda Racing SM) and Elia Sammartin (Honda)

In the S2 class  Luca D' Addato ( Extreme Yamaha Team) won the race followed by Matthew Medizza (TM Degasoline Motorsport). 3rd was Luca Brambilla ( Extreme Yamaha Team) followed by Lorenzo Lapini(L30 Honda Racing) and 5th Marco Dondi (TM Factory Team) on the TM SMX300 two-stroke.

The Italian Motorcycle Federation and OffRoad Pro Racing have decided to stop the race activities of the 3rd Round of the Italian Supermoto Championship Series after race # 2 of category SMLight following a serious accident occurred in the adjacent motocross track during a training session.

Adrien Chareyre wins duel with Sylvain Bidart at Magny Cours

At the karting track of Magny Cours the 3rd round of the French Supermoto Championship was held under sunny circumstances.

Adrien Chareyre won the overall after taking pole position and 3rd and 1st place in the races. He battled hard with Sylvain Bidart who finished 2nd overall with a 1-2 score. Husqvarna rider Waren Bougard finished 3rd overall with two 3rd places.

In the S2 class Adrien Goquet was victorious after two race wins. Till de Clerq finished 2nd followed by Jean-Charles Decabooter.

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Johnny Lewis // Myrtle Beach Speedway

Johnny Lewis plays around on his KTM 450 for the crowd during a stunt show at Myrtle Beach Speedway a few days prior to Short Track Mayhem and AMA Supermoto East Coast invaded the speedway!

SMGP of Romania 2014 - Arad 26min Broadcast - Supermoto

The second round of 2014 FIM SuperMoto World Championship that took place in Arad, Romania, is over. Don't miss the opportunity to watch the most spectacular images in this 26mn magazine.

Get a better feeling of Arad Circuit with Angel Karanyotov, Sorin Traistaru and GoPro, experience the real paddock life with Team Bulgaria, watch the great battles for the lead in SM2 and S1 races!

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