Thomas Verscheure is a young 17 year old talent from the north of France. He has had many successes in the French Championship but

also was very unlucky with some crashes which caused some serious injuries.

In 2011 he will be riding a TM SMX-F 450 for TM Racing France in the French S1 class and he will also compete at the Superbiker Mettet. Click read more for the complete interview.

Hi Thomas, first of all thank you for doing this interview with Supermoto Central. Can you first introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi readers of Supermoto Central! So, my name is Thomas Verscheure, I am 17 years old, and since my birth I live with my family in the North of France in Normandy.

2008 on his KTM 125
Can you tell abit about your history? When did you start riding bikes, what kind of classes did you ride before getting into supermoto?

I started practicing motorbike on a pw 50 when I was 5 and started racing four years after, in motocross. I participated in the championship of Normandy and some events of French championship “minivert”. Then in 2006, after some minor injuries, I came to supermoto with the set up of the French championship 85cc by the French Federation of Motorcyclists. I was the youngest but I managed to win my first French Championship. The following year, I joined the LUC1 supermoto team where I stayed for three seasons. In 2007, I raced in two classes on the same day: in the 85 and s3 class. I was first and second in these two classes before I fractured my humerus in training. After  7 months off, I was back on the bike and I became French champion in the S3 class with a 125 KTM in 2008. I defended my title next year in 2009 on a CRF250 with LUC1, but after a crash in the final race, I lost the title and finished second in the championship to equal points with Alexis Marie-Luce. In the same year I won the French championship in the Open class on my 250 against the 450’s. After that I had my first 450cc race in Mettet where I finished 8th in the final, I made a nice comeback from the 26th starting place.

2009 aboard the Luc1 CRF250

What made you decide to get into supermoto racing and what do you like so much about it?

I already knew a few riders in supermoto, so I knew this discipline and although I liked motocross, I chose to begin Supermoto on a 85 because I wanted to try something new; Yamaha France and the dealer "Jump motos" supported me for my debut with slick tires. I quickly liked the discipline and I felt very well on the asphalt which is now my forte. I really like to attack on the asphalt when the tires slide, it feels very good.

Can you tell us something about your 2010 season?

I left the LUC1 team at the end of the 2009 season to go alone with my partners like Honda France in the S1 class. I raced in the Swiiss and French Championships but it was not planned that I participated in the final stage of the two championships, because I was selected for the Supermoto of Nations in Cahors and then I entered the following weekend in Mettet. The beginning of the French Championship started badly with a crash on my head which forced me not to drive. I was often among the best during the time practice and have repeatedly won the superpole. I had the same speed as the best drivers, but I was inexperienced and I often crashed and I had few mechanical failures. I was several times on the podium, especially the "challenge France-Belgium” at Clastres where I won all the races of the weekend.  I was often unlucky, but I managed to go back to the 7th place in the championship of France with five races without scoring points, before I seriously hurt my wrist in training when I tested the goldentyres for the Supermoto of Nations. At the same time, I want to thank the sponsors who have trusted me for the 2010 season: Honda France, jump bikes, Bud Racing, Lazer, Ixon, Ipone, Beringer, Polisport, Kenny Racing Toolmuch, Maine Agrotec, Suter Racing and everyone who helped me.

First S1 podium at Villars sous Ecot with Bidart and Dupasquier

What are the plans for 2011 and what your goals for 2011?

There are many changes for 2011. In fact, I wanted to evolve differently, the team MHRM and TM Racing France contacted me and we agreed to this new season. I'm excited to start training with them and this new bike, who was world champion with Thomas Chareyre last yearI know my faults, I know what I need to work on. But I still make progress in my rehabilitation of the wrist before riding. I have already spent a month in a rehabilitation center in Capbreton and the current evolution of my wrist is a miracle for my osteopath. It is too early to talk about my goals, everything depends on my return. But I do not want to get on a bike to finish 10th, I will give my best to move up quickly on a podium. I will ride in the French championship and other events like Mettet or why not few rounds of World Championship, nothing is defined.

Who’s is your biggest example in the Supermoto sport?

I think it’s Thierry Van Den Bosch for his professionalism in his career. Then I love his driving style on the Aprilia. I hope one day I will have the opportunity to fight with him.

Verscheure during the 2009 Superbiker Mettet

Who do you think has the advantage in Supermoto, ex-motocross riders or ex-roadracers?

I find it much easier to adapt to supermoto  when you come from motocross. Firstly, the base bikes are the same, also it is important to be good for the offroad section. It also gives aggression. The advantage for those who come from the roadracing, they are already accustomed to the asphalt, they are accustomed and know the reactions of slicks, but it is often difficult in the offroad section for them.

Do you have any tips/advice for guys starting out with supermoto?

Don’t be afraid to brake hard when it's hot and you use the right tires. To progress, you must train, there is no miracle!

2010 Clastres

How do you keep yourself busy in the winter? Do you do lots of exercise?

Usually, I train just in motocross during the winter but because of my injury, I spent my days getting ready physically and I'm also still in school.

How do you see your own future?

I would like to become a professional rider and become the best, like many French were able to do.


Rider profile

Name: Thomas Verscheure

Date of birth: 6th may 1993

Birthplace: l’Aigle, in Normandy, France

Height: 1m68

Weight: 60kg

Hobbies: extreme sports

Favorite food: fruits

Favorite bike: Honda 500CR

Favorite movie: Pulp fiction

Favorite car: Hummer

Goal in life: living doing what I love


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