Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Team ) won the third round of the Italian Supermoto Championship. The Frenchman has lead the race from start to finish in front of Ivan Lazzarini ( L30 Racing Honda ), Andrea Occhini (Suzuki Mabomotor Brt ), Christian Ravaglia ( Honda Racing SM) and Elia Sammartin (Honda)

In the S2 class  Luca D' Addato ( Extreme Yamaha Team) won the race followed by Matthew Medizza (TM Degasoline Motorsport). 3rd was Luca Brambilla ( Extreme Yamaha Team) followed by Lorenzo Lapini(L30 Honda Racing) and 5th Marco Dondi (TM Factory Team) on the TM SMX300 two-stroke.

The Italian Motorcycle Federation and OffRoad Pro Racing have decided to stop the race activities of the 3rd Round of the Italian Supermoto Championship Series after race # 2 of category SMLight following a serious accident occurred in the adjacent motocross track during a training session.

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