At the karting track of Magny Cours the 3rd round of the French Supermoto Championship was held under sunny circumstances.

Adrien Chareyre won the overall after taking pole position and 3rd and 1st place in the races. He battled hard with Sylvain Bidart who finished 2nd overall with a 1-2 score. Husqvarna rider Waren Bougard finished 3rd overall with two 3rd places.

In the S2 class Adrien Goquet was victorious after two race wins. Till de Clerq finished 2nd followed by Jean-Charles Decabooter.

Prestige overall Classification

1. A. Chareyre 

2. S. Bidart 

3. W. Bougard 

4. S. Dabert 

5. D. Baffeleuf…

Prestige Championship standing 

1 A. Chareyre 200 pts 

2 S. Bidart 191 pts 

3 W. Bougard 170 pts 

4 T. Chareyre 150 pts 

5 D. Baffeleuf 5 , 130 pts


S2 overall Classification

1. A. Goguet 

2. T. de Clercq 

3. J.-C. Decabooter

4. N. Cousin 

5. G. Martinez…

S2 Championship standing

1. A. Goguet, 209 pts 

2. T. De Clercq, 195 pts 

3. J.-C. Decabooter, 191 pts 

4. N. Cousin, 143 pts 

5. G. Martinez, 140 pts …

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