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Tallahassee Supermoto Jam 5

What an awesome weekend! Filmed and Edited by Thibaud Poulain of (POC Prod) on a Sony FS700 and Panasonic Lumix GH3. For enjoyamental purposes only, so enjoy!

The race was won by Tim Velasquez, followed by Cole Cherpak and Chase Guthrie.

SWM returns with SM450R Supermoto

The Italian brand SWM(Speedy Working Motorcycles) started back in 1971 building Enduro bikes, sadly in 1984 they closed down. But now they are back!

The man behind the restart of SWM is Ampelio Macchi, an engineer who worked for Aprilia, Cagiva and Husqvarna. With the help of Chinese company Shineray SWM rented the old Husqvarna factory and bought the rights to produce the pre-BMW Husqvarna Enduro and Supermoto models. They have 6 models in their lineup including the SM450R Supermoto.

Looks familiar you might think. Well that's because it is basicly a 2010 model Husqvarna SMR450 with new design plastics. Why should you get excited about a bike that produced 4 years ago and gets a rerelease?

The price. SWM is going to be offering the SWM SM450R around the €6000 mark.

That's about the same as a second hand 2010 Husqvarna SMR450. The bike it is based on is one of the best Supermoto bikes that was ever produced.

The only thing that we don't get is why SWM doesn't offer a SM500R. In the past the Husqvarna SMR510's where always more popular among street riders than the 450's. They do offer the 500 in an Enduro model so I really don't get why they don't offer the 500 option for their Supermoto lineup.

Check out more details at the SWM website

Click read more for more photos

Read more: SWM returns with SM450R Supermoto

MVD Racewear, the latest revolution in Supermoto racewear

Adrien Chareyre retires from Pro Supermoto racing

4 time World Supermoto Champion and current French Supermoto Champion Adrien Chareyre is retiring as a Pro Supermoto rider. He will still be riding select races for fun but not a full season. He will now focus on his new job at Dynamo3D selling 3D printers.

We wish Adrien all the best with his new endeavour and thank him for all the great years of Supermoto racing. He will be missed!

Check out the full interview about his retirement here

EICMA 2014 Supermoto Open Cup race: Gianni Borgiotti on the podium with his Bigfoot

Video reportage of Offlimits Supermoto race on 9th November 2014 at EICMA Motolive. They are pretty satisfied of both the race result and the video, which shows a great supermoto race on a very fun track which enhances the great supermoto style.

Gianni decided to attend the race with a 100% standard Suzuki RMZ 450 with Bigfoot settings. More details of their bike at www.Bigfootsupermoto.com

One lap with the Reparto Corse KTM SM300 two-stroke

Supermoto Series 2014 - EICMA MotoLive

Last weekend was the Grand Finale for the Italian Supermoto Series 2014 in front of a big crowd at the EICMA MotoLive.

Ivan Lazzarini (Honda Racing L30) won the Italian Championship for the eleventh time. Check out all the highlights from the race above.

Skullcandy: Robbie Maddison’s Drop In

A jump for the record books, Robbie “Maddo” Maddison also known as the modern-day Evel Kneviel attempts yet another death defying aerial feat-as he takes over the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, a setting that is more improbable, and impressive, than ever. “Maddo” teamed with Skullcandy and Red Bull Media House’s On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter to show the world what it truly means to DROP IN. Get behind-the-scenes of this colossal project at: http://bit.ly/DropInRobbieYT

Speed at launch: 71 MPH
Jump Distance: 114 Meters / 374 Ft
Vertical Drop: 185 Ft / 18 ½ stories [World Record]

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto 2015 | Price, Interview & Details | EICMA 2014

Husqvarna FS501 concept by Supermoto Central

Husqvarna released some pretty cool bikes at the EICMA show this week but I am still dissapointed they don't want to release a hardcore street Supermoto.

Decided to spent some time in photoshop to convince Husqvarna Motorcycles that they should offer us a hardcore street legal Supermoto. Check out the Husqvarna FS501 Concept by Supermoto Central