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Adelaide Motard Crew

Supermotard Clastres

Sometimes on the racetrack you get bored doing laps alone... And sometimes it turns out to be a real mayhem! Fantastic day at the Clastres racetrack!

Taylor Holland WR450F Supernoto stunts

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Broapaholics | Passo del Stelvio Supermoto Holiday 2014

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StupidAsRetards Recap 2014 / Street / Track / Dirt and lots of fails

Rest in peace Nestor Jorge

Spanish Supermoto rider Nestor Jorge died today at 39 years of age. The rider from Tenerife has died at his family home in La Laguna because of the consequences of a crash during the World Supermoto round in Greinbach (Austria) in 2008.

During that round he crashed hard and suffered a heavy head injury.

RIP Nestor Jorge. We want to wish the family all the best during these hard times.

Hermunen and Biaggi team up for 2015 season

Mauno Hermunen will ride the 2015 World Supermoto Championship in a new team started by Max Biaggi. He will be the only rider in the team.

He will still be using the TM SMX450 maintained by the TM Factory mechanics like he did the last few years.

Aliant YLP07 LiFePO4 battery review

Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4) batteries are fairly new in the motorcycle world. They are really popular in motorcycle racing because of the low weight. Curious as we are we wanted to try one of these lightweight and powerful batteries for ourselves.

The Supermoto Central Aprilia SXV550 has a beast of an engine that needs a lot of power to start.The ideal bike to test the new Aliant YLP07 LiFePO4 battery on.

Go check out full review of the Aliant YLP07 LiFePO4 here

Dirt Shark - The Doonies

No Supermoto in this video but it is one of the best offroad videos of 2014.

Witness the unification of 2 Elite Off Road Worlds to create #TheDoonies. Watch the madness on their savage voyage through the Glamis Sand Dunes.

SuperMoto of Nations 2014